District 2 Program Chairpersons
Dept. POC TBD - Department Programs - Not District Email Phone Due to Post By Due to District Due to Department Judging
TBD Community Service Special Projects (Post to Department) TBD TBD     TBD TBD
TBD Legislator of the year nomenations (Post to Department) TBD TBD     TBD  
TBD Outstanding Community Health Care Empoyee of the Year(Post to Department) TBD TBD     TBD  
TBD Outstanding Health Care Volunterer of the Year(Post to Department) TBD TBD     TBD  
TBD Outstanding VA Health Care Employee of the Year(Post to Department) TBD TBD     TBD  
TBD Youth Hero Submission (Post to Department) TBD TBD     TBD  
DISTRICT 2 CHAIRPERSONS {Important ~ To qualify for awards a Post must submit an Program Report}  
Dan Schmaltz Buddy Poppy's Pogram Voice of Democracy (714) 906-5025        
John Hacker Homeless Veterans, Veterans Homes, & Hospital Program Voice of Democracy TBD        
John Muller JROTC/ROTC/CADETS Voice of Democracy (714) 883-1836        
John Muller Police, Fireman, and EMT Programs (Post to District) Voice of Democracy (707) 883-1836 1 November 15 November 10 Dec.  
Earl Fulk Military Assistance Program & Operation UPLINK Voice of Democracy          
Marcia Kuehl Patriots Pen & Voice of Democracy Programs Voice of Democracy (949) 349-9311 31 October 15 November 8 December 1 January
Dan Schmaltz Public Relations & Publications MAP & OUL (714) 906-5025        
Bill Manes Resolutions & Legislative Resolutions & Legislative (949) 248-7696     1 January  
Patrick Hughes Scouts & Youth Programs Voice of Democracy (714) 828-1648 1 March 15 March 1 April Winners Awards to District 15 March
Marcia Kuehl Teachers Program Voice of Democracy (949) 349-9311 31 October 15 November 1 March Winners Awards to District 1 March
Earl Fulk Veterans Services Voice of Democracy (714) 906-5025        
John Dunkin Wheelchairs/Golden Age Games Resolutions & Legislative (909) 680-0875        
Dolores Padgett Women Veterans Email District Commander (949) 361-8999        
The Following Programs MUST ALSO be Reported using the Department Online Reporting System
Programs Dept. Online
Reporting Link
All State Program
Submit Report Online Click Here.
 Buddy Poppy's (Purchase Poppys using Department Form)
Citizenship Education, Community Service and Safety Recognition Programs
Disaster Assisance Program
Homeless Veterans Program
Law Enforcement, Fire Fighter and EMT Program
Legislative Program
Life Membership Program
Membership Program
Memorial Service Fund
National Home Program
National Veterans Wheelchair & Golden Age Games Programs
Patriot's Pen Program
POW/MIA Program
Program Sponsorship Registration
Public Relations/Publications Contest (Read Program Instructions)
Scouting & Youth Activities
Student Veterans of America
Teacher Award Program
VAVS / Veterans Homes / Hospital
Veterans and Militaray Support
Veterans Service Program
VFW National Membeship Program (All American)
Voice of Democracy Program
Women Veterans
Post Commanders, Reporting Peroids are:
Online Program Reports: 1 July - 30 June
Membership: 1 July - 30 June (All-State: 100% by 30 June)  

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