The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States is deeply committed to achieving the fullest possible accounting of 83,000 missing Americans that include approximately 73,000 from World War II, 7,700 from the Korean War, 1,600 from the Vietnam War, and 130+ post-Vietnam.

The third Friday of every September is set aside as National POW/MIA Recognition Day. Let us remember those who put country before self, but have yet to return home from their wars.

Let us remember their families, who continue to burn the candle of hope. And let us continue to tell the story that without the service and sacrifice of American servicemen and women, there would not be a United States of America.

In support of this commitment, Dept. of CA District 2 requests VFW members send their National, State and Local representatives a letter urging their continued support of this issue; this includes asking members of the public to also write on behalf of our missing veterans.

To ensure they are never forgotten, all VFW District 2 Posts should:

  • Urge support from local news media and club newsletters.
  • Notify all news Media well in advance of all POW/MIA Programs to ensure their participation.
  • Comply with VFW National mandates, and our state resolution that requires having an empty chair at all official function properly personalized with a POW chair cover and/or table.
  • Have a POW/MIA Flag on location for meetings and special events.
  • Set up a POW/MIA Table
  • Meet the POW/MIA families from your area and see if Post or Auxiliary can be of assistance to them.
  • Appoint a POW/MIA Chairperson and send their name to the State Chairperson.
  • With the help from the Auxiliary to conduct a POW/MIA ceremony, as outlined in the VFW Manual of Procedure Ritual.
  • Educate and inform communities, schools, youth groups and local government that the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Flag is only subordinate to the US Flag and should be displayed or presented accordingly.
  • Follow updates for Vietnam War POW/MIAs

The POW/MIA Table: A Place Setting for One, A Table for All
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The National League of POW/MIA Families


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